Paint Protection

1. Wash Exterior of Vehicle Before Service

We recommend that you clean and wash the exterior of your vehicle prior to paint protection film installation. The quality of the bond between the protective film and your vehicle's exterior surfaces is dependant on the cleanliness of the vehicle. Dirt and dust can get stuck between the protective film and the vehicle's paint and cause poor adhesion.

2. Wait 3-7 Days After Service to Wash Vehicle

We suggest that you refrain from washing or waxing your vehicle for 3 to 7 days after paint protection film is installed, as it takes approximately a week for the film adhesive to dry, and washing or waxing your vehicle during this period may detrimentally affect the bonding process.

3. Clean the Film with Specialized Plastic Cleaner after Adhesive Dries

After the protective film is installed and the adhesive has dried we suggest that you clean the film with specialized plastic cleaner to ensure optimal durability. We prefer to use Plexus Plastic Protectant, but any plasticcleaning solution will do.

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