Paint Protection

How is the clear paint protection film applied?

The urethane film comes to us in bulk form and we computer cut designs to exactly fit various surfaces. The film is then applied using similar method to window film.

How long will my paint protection last?

Our product is warranted against cracking, fading or yellowing; and the film has been known to last between four and seven years or more. Of course, whether the vehicle is garaged and/or washed and waxed on a regular basis will make a big difference in its life.

Will paint protection film stop bug acid from etching the paint and clear coat surface?

The acidic reaction from bugs does not affect the surface of the film the same way it affects the paint, so the residue can be washed off with car soap and water easier than it would be from the paint. Never leave bug splatters on the auto bra for an extended period of time, as it may stain the film as well.

How long does it take to install paint protection film?

Installation will vary. Much depends on the amount of coverage and the particular vehicle. It usually takes couple of hours to a full day, but small jobs can take just an hour. Large wraps can take few days.

Will the paint fade differently under the paint protection film than the rest of the vehicle?

Our paint protection films are UV Stable, so the sun discolors the entire vehicle at the same rate. As long as you maintain the vehicle’s paint on a regular basis, washing and waxing, there will be no discernible difference.

Will paint protection film really help prevent stones from chipping the paint?

Yes. The urethane film is energy absorbent. In fact, it was designed originally to prevent damage on the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades.

Can you see the film after it has been installed?

The film is 99.5 percent optically clear and virtually invisible to detect.

Why is paint protection better than a cloth bra?

Cloth bras are not permanently affixed to a vehicle and cause chaffing on the paint. Plus, the continuous moisture that forms under the cloth will cause clouding on the clear coat. A Clear Auto Bra protects the painted surfaces without damaging the paint and does not change the appearance of the vehicle.

Can the paint protection ever be removed?

Yes, the Clear Auto Bra is removable, but it is not reusable. (But why would you want to?)

Does the application of these kits affect the illmination of my lights?

Any difference in the illumination quality of protected lights is undetectable to the human eye. You will not notice any difference in the performance of your headlights.

When I had the kit installed on my headlights they looked fine, but now they look foggy. Will it last?

This is normal — and temporary. The fog is caused by the alcohol/water solution we use during the application process evaporating under the film. The water vapor that is produced results in a hazy appearance for a few days. The haze will clear as the water vapor dissipates.

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