Health Benefits

Tinted windows can contribute to keeping you healthy and safe. UV rays from the sun are harmful to humans, and have been proven to cause skin cancer, by blocking up to 99% of these damaging rays, tinted windows can protect your skin from their damaging effects. In addition, window film can reduce interior heat by up to 65%, preventing heat exhaustion. Safety is another major benefit of tinted windows, the adhesive properties of window film prevent windows from shattering, and will protect both you and your loved ones from serious injuries.

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Seattle Window Tinting


Advanced Tint specializes in automotive window tinting and film application. We also provide paint protection and rock chip repair services. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to our customers at competitive prices.

We only use the best film products from manufacturers, like 3M Automotive and Johnson Window Films. Our shop is specially equipped for film installation, with a built-in sprinkler system to ensure a dust free atmosphere, and our customers can enjoy complimentary beverages, internet access and cable television while their vehicle is being serviced.

There are a number of benefits that come from automotive window tinting, including heat reduction, energy savings, UV protection, and privacy. In many ways, window tinting is a form of art.

Our certified installation professionals are experts in all aspects of their trade and have over twenty years of experience in the industry. Because we provide only window tinting and film application services, our installers are trained in the best application techniques and the quality of our work is indistinguishable from factory tinted film.

At Advanced Tint, we treat each customer the way we want to be treated, and we treat each vehicle as if it were our own. Our shop is located in the Renton Highlands, just off of Sunset Boulevard.

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Window Tinting Seattle

When you consider these benefits to your automobile, it is easy to see why window tinting Seattle based homes, and businesses, is also advantageous. There have been numerous technological glass and window film breakthroughs in recent years, and now is the perfect time to consider our Seattle window tinting for your home or office.

Skyrocketing energy prices have put a strain on many home and business budgets. Advanced Tint LLC uses Seattle window tinting products that can reduce heat transfer up to 78 percent over untreated glass. Less heat means spending less money on air conditioning costs. We have even been window tinting Seattle client’s homes and offices with certain energy efficient window films that potentially qualify them for tax credits. Add to this the fact that Seattle window tinting will reduce health risks, reduce interior fading of painted surfaces and furniture, and provide the added comfort of reduced glare.

It’s easy to see why Advanced Tint LLC is the smart choice for window tinting Seattle homes, automobiles, and businesses - We are a local business that guarantees satisfaction, and believes the customer comes first. Whether you are looking for UV reduction in your home, office, or vehicle Advanced Tint has the right solution for you. From BMW used cars to Ferrari's, apartments to mansions, starter businesses to multi-million dollar corporations, Advanced Tint will get the job done for the right price!


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